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A Tale of Three Busts

The incredible journey of the bust of Prospero Farinacci The Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton includes the incredible story of the Gianlorenzo Bernini-attributed bust of 16th century jurist Prospero Farinacci in its Spring Newsletter. “A Tale of Three Busts” relates how the tireless research of art historians Irving Lavin and his wife Marilyn Aronberg

Presentation of the Bust of Prospero Farinacci

From the United States to Italy Donation of the bust of Prospero Farinacci attributed to Gianlorenzo Bernini Presentation to the press Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant’Angelo | National Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo 20 March 2023 Cappella dei Condannati From the United States to Italy: this was the journey recently taken by the portrait bust of

We Love Italy – Valentine’s Cocktail 2023

Our love for Italy was celebrated on Monday 13 February at the Bettoja Hotel Mediterraneo in Rome.Friends, old and new, mingled in the stunning setting of the Art Deco bar welcomed by the Bettoja family, the generous hosts of the occasion. Once again the English-speaking community of Rome – gathered by the American Club of

We Love Italy – October Cocktail

On Tuesday October 4, Rome’s English-speaking community – American Club of Rome, American Exchange, American University of Rome, LoveItaly, Professional Women’s Association, Retake, Vote from Abroad, We the Italians – came together to celebrate Italy on the occasion of the feast day of her patron saint, Francis of Assisi.  The evening, held at the stunning

A celebration of Peace in Assisi

press release 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF ROOTS OF PEACE CELEBRATED IN ASSISI, ITALY With Restoration of Ancient Frescoes and Replacing Landmines with Olive Branches of Peace LOVEITALY & ROOTS OF PEACE JOIN FORCES June 21, 2022—Assisi, Italy—On the occasion of its 25th Anniversary, Roots of Peace, a humanitarian non-profit based in Northern California, is joining forces with the

AFLI joins forces for Frate Elia fresco

The San Francisco – Assisi Sister City Committee and Roots of Peace have joined forces with American Friends of LoveItaly to fundraise for the restoration of a 17th century wall fresco in Assisi. The “aedicula” can be found on Via Frate Elia, the street leading up to the magnificent Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, Italy. 

Richard Hodges profiles Tracy Roberts

LoveItaly is greatly honoured by this feature in the prestigious World Archaeology Magazine. Tracy Roberts and LoveItaly by Richard Hodges. November 15, 2021 Rome, to misquote the Californian novelist John Steinbeck, bites deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone. Now

Gallipoli: St. Joseph restored

Thanks to the first contributions to the crowdfunding campaign “Precious Statues in Gallipoli”, restoration work on the first of the ancient statues preserved in the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Gallipoli has begun. In this initial phase of funding, work is concentrated on the statue of St. Joseph and is scheduled for completion by

Restoring Giotto | Basilica of Assisi

The first phase in the restoration of Giotto’s vault in the Lower Basilica of Assisi has began, thanks to contributions to the crowdfunding campaign: Together for St. Francis, in collaboration with the Fondation of the Basilica of Assisi. The support of these donors has made it possible to begin the delicate task of cleaning the