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Restoration work begins on the statue of St. Joseph (Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli)

Thanks to the first contributions to the crowdfunding campaign “Precious Statues in Gallipoli”, restoration work on the first of the ancient statues preserved in the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Gallipoli has begun. In this initial phase of funding, work is concentrated on the statue of St. Joseph and is scheduled for completion by

Restoring Giotto | Basilica of Assisi

The first phase in the restoration of Giotto’s vault in the Lower Basilica of Assisi has began, thanks to contributions to the crowdfunding campaign: Together for St. Francis, in collaboration with the Fondation of the Basilica of Assisi. The support of these donors has made it possible to begin the delicate task of cleaning the

Foundation for the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi & LoveItaly launch “TOGETHER FOR ST. FRANCIS”

“Together for St. Francis” is the project that intends to create a network to safeguard and promote the Lower Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, launched by the Foundation for the Basilica of San Francesco, the non-profit foundation that supports the religious and cultural heritage of the architectural complex of Assisi and LoveItaly, non-profit organization

Restoration begins on the oldest known painting of St. Anthony, thanks to our crowdfunding donors

The protective glass door opens to reveal the oldest known painting of St. Anthony in the Basilica di San Antonio di Padova and start the work of restoration. Under the expert supervision of restorer Valentina Piovan, the first cleaning tests and stabilization interventions are carried out. This would not be happening without the generous support

Open Day | Restoration of “Race of the Berber Horses” by Corrado Cagli

The Accademia Nazionale di Danza opens its doors for a visit to the restoration of the mural painting: “Race of the Berber Horses” by Corrado Cagli. This conservative intervention – an important collaboration between Accademia Nazionale di Danza, Scuola di Alta Formazione per il Restauro – ISCR and LoveItaly – was made possible by the generosity

Mystery of the Polyptych in San Severino Marche

The Saints by Paolo Veneziano Among the many precious works of art in the permanent collection of San Severino Marche’s Pinacoteca Civica is a 14th century jewel – a polyptych attributed to the Venetian artist Paolo Veneziano (1300- 1365), known as “the Saints”.    The piece comes with a mystery as the central, upper part is

“I Love Italy” Valentine Cocktail Party | February 12th | The Excelsior Via Veneto 125

Celebrate with Rome’s International Community at a very special evening dedicated to our love for Italy, and to spotlight LoveItaly’s efforts to help lovers of Italy from around the globe contribute to the restoration of Italian cultural heritage projects. The Cocktail will feature live music, appetizers and “cash bar” at the venue’s regular prices (wine/beer/juice