Crowdfunding Projects

Palatine Hill Excavation

Rome, Italy

In one of the most famous, and ancient, cities in the world, next to one of its best known monuments, there is a pocket of blank h...

Days to go

The Golden Age Bedroom

Pompeii, Italy

This 2,000 year old bedroom may be small, but its scientific, historical, and artistic value is huge. Cubiculum N. 3 offers a rare...

Days to go

Funded Projects

The Ecstasy of St. Teresa di Àvila

We thank all the donors who have helped us reach the fundraising goal.

Sarcophagus of Thiasus Marino

We thank all the donors who have helped us reach the fundraising goal. And thanks to the valuable work of the young restoration artists of the ISCR, the Imperial-age sarcophagus is once again astonishing.

Our Mission

Our objective is to create an international movement to bring Italy’s cultural treasures into the heart of the global community – making all of us active stakeholders in protecting and sustaining a heritage that belongs to all humanity.
Here is how we do it:


LoveItaly uses technology to communicate its fundraising and progress reporting to ensure transparency and trust


LoveItaly raises funds through donation-based crowdfunding in order to support cultural heritage projects


LoveItaly wants to engage you in projects to make Italy’s cultural heritage accessible for everyone to admire and understand

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