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Certosa of Capri

Island of Capri, Italy

The Charterhouse of Saint James, known to locals as “the Certosa”, is a medieval monastery on the island of Capri in the Gulf of Naples. Founded between 1371 and 1374, it has survived earthquakes, pirates, wars, plagues, monastic suppression and centuries of neglect, and emerged into the modern era as a priceless architectural treasure. No longer a working monastery, it has assumed a new role as the cultural heart of this world famous island and ...

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Palatine Hill Excavation

Rome, Italy

This is a rare opportunity to delve back in time to find the missing piece in the history of Rome. This excavation site on the Palatine Hill, birthplace of the city, has already yielded incredible finds, instrumental in recreating the history of Rome and the development of Western tradition. Your contribution will allow the archaeologists to uncover the secrets still hidden here in this sacred place, once the centre of the ancient world.

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The Golden Age Bedroom

Pompeii, Italy

This 2,000 year old bedroom may be small, but its scientific, historical, and artistic value is huge. Cubiculum N. 3 offers a rare glimpse into life in the exclusive District VI of Pompeii during the city’s Golden Age. Help us finance restoration work to revive its superb beauty and open its doors to be enjoyed by everyone.

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Funded Projects

The Ecstasy of St. Teresa di Àvila

We thank all the donors who have helped us reach the fundraising goal.

Sarcophagus of Thiasus Marino

We thank all the donors who have helped us reach the fundraising goal. And thanks to the valuable work of the young restoration artists of the ISCR, the Imperial-age sarcophagus is once again astonishing.

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