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We are more than a crowdfunding platform. Our objective is to create an international movement to bring Italy’s cultural treasures into the heart of the global community - making all of us active stakeholders in protecting and sustaining a heritage that belongs to all humanity.
Here is how we do it:

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Active Crowdfunding Projects

Bring the Golden Age back to Life in Pompeii

Dating back to the Golden Age in 2nd century BC, the Cubiculum n.3 of the Domus of the Centaur is one of Pompeii’s finest and most important antiquities of this time period. Help us bring back this superb beauty so that everyone can appreciate it.

Excavating in Ancient Rome - Valley of the Colosseum and Palatine Hill

Let’s unlock the history of this fascinating archeological site within the heart of Ancient Rome. Support the Sapienza University in this rare opportunity to unveil the history of a great empire.

Goal Reached! Thank you!

We thank all the donors who have helped us reach the fundraising goal. And thanks to the valuable work of the young restoration artists of the ISCR, the Imperial-age sarcophagus is once again astonishing.


We are all the New House of Medici

The Renaissance in Italy is recognized as one of the most fundamentally important periods in the history of Western civilization. In terms of Art, Architecture, and Intellectual life, this period was enormously productive. Renaissance means ‘Rebirth’ in French, but what does that mean, exactly? What … Read More...

Art Conservation 101

You hear the term ‘conservation’ used often when we talk about cultural heritage and its preservation, but what exactly does that mean? As an art conservator and restorer, I’ve heard just about everything. “Doesn’t conservation have something to do with the environment?” “You just repaint … Read More...

Lesser Well-Known Sites in Rome

If you’re looking for a city with incredible amounts of history and culture, look no further than Rome. The city has housed the ancient Roman Empire and the Catholic Church, both of which have left the city with extraordinary treasures. While the most popular attractions in Rome, like the Vatican … Read More...

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