Italo in Collaboration with LoveItaly
to Safeguard Italy’s Cultural Heritage:
First Stop Pompei


At the opening of the new Lounge Italo Club of Naples on September 15, 2016 an important initiative was presented: a collaboration between the Italo train company and LoveItaly to safeguard Italy’s cultural heritage.

Thanks to this new partnership with LoveItaly, Italo joins the initiative to promote the restoration of the Cubiculum number 3 of the Domus of the Centaur. The cubiculum is the most important example in Pompeii of a bedroom from the 2nd century BC — its “golden age”. Pompeii is only the starting point of the collaboration between Italo and LoveItaly. “To safeguard the works and return them to citizens and to the many tourists who travel daily to visit them is a value that Italo shares in full and that makes her, in the interest of the whole community,” says Antonella Zivillica, Italo Director of External Relations and Press.