This is Italy, Parts Unknown, an initiative of Panorama Magazine and IB&II, will host a Gala Charity Dinner dedicated to Umbria at the Guggenheim Museum, New York on November 2.

The event will serve as a chance to collect money for Umbria, an Italian region heavily affected by the devastating earthquake of 30 October 2016, whose epicentre was close to the town of Norcia.  The 6.6 magnitude quake, the  strongest in Italy since 1980, caused terrible devastation and loss from which the area is still struggling to recover from.   One of the smallest regions in Italy, Umbria has an extraordinarily varied landscape.  The region’s productive system can be defined in three key-words: innovation, quality and cohesion, evident in the 81,000 companies present in the territory.  Industrial progress here began in the late 1800s with the birth of the steel industry in Terni and continued through the 20th century with the production of chocolate in Perugia, making the area a milestone of Italian economy.

Attendees at the dinner include Catiuscia Marini, the Governor of Umbria Region.  Those present will donate to Umbria through LoveItaly:  a non-profit organization that supports and promotes Italian cultural heritage and the first of its kind to crowdfund for restoration projects across the country.  In Umbria, LoveItaly will lead the fundraising to support the restoration of a Crucifix by Giovanni Teutonico from the 15th century, a masterpiece of Italian sacred art by one of Umbria’s most popular artists.