Current World Archaeology – Archaeology Special Report: Preserving Italy’s Past by Tracy Roberts. September 22, 2016 Read article.

ARTSY – As many nations around the world face budget cuts for art and culture spending, heritage preservation groups have begun exploring unconventional sources of funding. In Italy, said to be home to over half of the world’s art treasures and the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, art and heritage account for much of its tourism. And a group called LoveItaly! is out to use the power of crowdfunding to help keep those sites preserved for generations to come. Read full article.

TV7 of RAI 1 – “Amanti d’Italia” (Lovers of Italy). Report on LoveItaly! April 1st 2016. (watch full video).

Panoram Italia – A class of Italian schoolchildren recently made the news when they announced their intentions to buy the island of Budelli, in order to prevent it from becoming the property of rich investors (read full article).

Deutsche Welle – A similar initiative with its sights set on tapping into foreign visitors is LoveItaly!, a new crowdfunding operation to support the country’s patrimony through what founders call “a series of transparently managed projects to help the future of Italy” (read full article).

CBS News – ROME –… A new crowd-funding initiative, Loveitaly!, was launched to encourage fans around the world to contribute to the upkeep of the country’s artistic treasures… (read full article).

Italian Ways – “Yes, LoveItaly! strives to overturn the current approach to conservation and promotion of Italy’s historical and artistic masterpieces. But it pursues this goal one step at the time. It’s going to be a ‘gentle’ revolution” (read full article).

Washington Post – ROME —A new crowd-funding initiative, Loveitaly!, to contribute to the upkeep of the country’s artistic treasures amid a decline in public spending for conservation projects. (read full article).

The Florentine – A new international crowdfunding platform is raising funds exclusively to help preserve Italy’s cultural heritage. Called LoveItaly!, it is the effort of a Rome-based group to support restoration projects, create a community of donors (read full article).

The Local – The decaying bedroom of a Pompeii home, including a graffito perhaps scrawled by Emperor Julius Caeser’s second wife (read full article).

The Guardian – Visitors to Rome can see the Eternal City as the ancient Romans did … the public was invited to help fund other restorations through Loveitaly, a crowdfunding initiative (read full article).

The American University of Rome – Dr. Richard Hodges, President of The American University of Rome, has taken on the Presidency of LoveItaly!, a non-profit, crowdfunding initiative that takes a revolutionary approach to the conservation and promotion of masterful Italian works of art (read full article).

Notre Temps – Une association italienne a présenté mardi un site de financement participatif pour aider à la restauration de l’immense patrimoine italien (read full article).

Le Vif Weekend –  “Grâce à la puissance des nouvelles technologies, touristes et Italiens” pourront apporter leur contribution à la sauvegarde du patrimoine du pays comptant le plus grand nombre de sites classés à l’Unesco (read full article).

Business Insider – ROME (AP) — The first restorations funded by Loveitaly! include a room in the Domus of the Centaur in Pompeii and a sarcophagus at the National Gallery for Ancient Art. (read full article).

Fodor’s Travel Talk Forums – A crowd-funding organization call “Loveitaly!” has been started to get people to donate toward more restoration projects of Italy’s treasures. (read full article).

La Hora -Una nueva iniciativa con financiación pública, Loveitaly!, fue lanzada para estimular a los interesados en todo el mundo a contribuir a la preservación de los tesoros artísticos. (read full article).

7SUR7 – Cette semaine, une association a d’ailleurs présenté un site de financement participatif,, pour tenter d’inciter les millions de passionnés à travers le monde à prendre part à cet effort (read full article).

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