The “Restaur’Antonio” campaign, launched in May by the Veneranda Arca di S. Antonio with LoveItaly, to restore the ancient fresco of the patron saint in the Basilica of Padova, has successfully reached its goal.

The goal was reached before the official closing date and ensures the restoration of the almost life-sized fresco that is one of the earliest depictions of the saint, dating back to the inauguration of the Basilica in his name.  Positioned at the entrance to the Basilica, the saint offers a greeting to visitors and pilgrims and will soon be admired in its original beauty.

The Basilica is not only an architectural jewel, it contains an unique and ancient heritage making it one of the world’s artistic masterpieces.  This requires extraordinary measures and commitment to ensure the state of conservation and safeguard the future of the many masterpieces it houses.  The successful conclusion of this campaign makes an important contribution to this effort and to the work of the Veneranda Arca, the custodians.

Emanuele Tessari, Presidente Capo of the La Veneranda Arca di S. Antonio expressed his appreciation of the result, thanking all those who contributed to the project:  “We should all be very happy with the success of this fundraising initiative.  The tangible gestures of support for the restoration of the fresco, made by visitors, worshippers and art lovers from Padova and beyond, is a significant indication that people are becoming aware of the need to safeguard our heritage”.

This experience confirms crowdfunding as a valid tool for fundraising to support artistic and cultural heritage activities and initiatives – an alternative to traditional methods of public administration intervention or private sponsorship – able to actively engage the local and global communities”, said Stefano Pighini, President of LVenture Group and Vicepresident of LoveItaly, who added: “This is why LVenture Group – a holding floated on the Stock Exchange that invests in digital startups – decided to support the  platform  in 2015 to revolutionize the approach towards the care and support of Italy’s works of art”.