Holiday Cocktail at the National Gallery of Ancient Art of Rome in Palazzo Corsini – December 15, 2015

The LoveItaly! fundraising event took place in the Palazzo Corsini a Roma to raise funds of the restoration of the imperial age marble sarcophagus. The students of the prestigious National Institute of Conservation and Restoration in Rome presented their work to the guests and talked about their techniques and results of their restoration work. Art historians Vikki Ericks and Michela Santoro gave fascinating  tours of the Gallery accompanied by wonderful violin music kindly offered by the Yamaha Music School in Rome.  4,000 euro of the proceeds were transferred to the sarcophagus project on the LoveItaly! crowdfunding platform.  LoveItaly! thanks Lori Hickey and Elizabeth Marmol for the wonderful organization of the event..

[cml_media_alt id='3177']Corsini evento 2[/cml_media_alt][cml_media_alt id='3178']Corsini evento 6[/cml_media_alt][cml_media_alt id='3179']Corsini evento 26[/cml_media_alt]

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